AUDIO: Schwarzenegger Rocks It At ARPA-E

Former California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger rocked it at the ARPA-E Summit on Tuesday with one of his best green-themed speeches that also received a standing ovation. Here’s the audio of the speech, for your listening pleasure.

Budget Cuts Loom Large at ARPA-E Summit

Charismatic speakers, from DOE Chief Steven Chu, to California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger kicked off the first official morning of the ARPA-E Summit — the Department of Energy’s high-risk, early stage grant program. But amidst all of the inspiring words budget cuts loomed large.

10 Companies to Watch for out of ARPA-E

Early-stage, high-risk, and potentially game-changing — those are a few things all the companies that have been funded by the Department of Energy’s ARPA-E program have in common. I’m at the ARPA-E Summit this week and here are 10 companies to watch for.

What You Need to Know About Obama’s Budget & Energy

President Obama unveiled his proposed budget Monday that calls for boosting funding to the Department of Energy by nearly 12 percent. The spending plan would focus on research and deployment of technologies he’s championed repeatedly: renewable energy, electric cars, biofuel, energy efficiency and nuclear.

The ARPA-E Graduates: 6 Next-Gen Energy Startups

The DOE’s program to fund high-risk, early-stage, greentech projects is working, the DOE says this week. The indicator, says the DOE, is that private investors have invested a combined $100 million into at least 6 ARPA-E awardees. Here are the six ARPA-E graduates:

Teaching High-Tech Gear New Greentech Tricks

Can cleantech companies cut millions of dollars from their capital needs by retrofitting old chip equipment to turn out brand-new products? If the advantages are anything close to what AQT Solar and Planar Energy claim, it very well could be the start of a new trend.

A123’s Energy Storage Spin-out 24M Raises Funds

Last week battery maker A123 Systems quietly unveiled that it had spun out an energy storage venture called 24M Technologies that would raise outside funding. This morning 24M details those backers: $10 million from Charles River Ventures and North Bridge Venture Partners, and $6 million from ARPA-E.