Portrait of (and podcast with) an artist entrepreneur: Marc Maron

Marc Maron’s popular WTF podcast is more than an entertaining listen; it shows how the artist-entrepreneur can harness the power of Internet distribution and community. In this audio interview, Maron talks about the lessons he has learned and where he fits into the media landscape.

MyFolio: A Network That Showcases Artists

myfolio_imageWorking as a freelance artist or musician can be a trying experience, at best. It’s still a field where, in general, the work speaks volumes and can more than make up for a relatively shallow C.V. But how best to show off your work, and make sure that you’re getting as much exposure as possible? You could always set up your own self-hosted personal site, but that won’t necessarily reach all that many people, even if it does ensure your work is accessible.

MyFolio may be a good resource to help supplement your own site. While you give up a certain amount of control in terms of overall design, you do get the benefit of belonging to a social network, thus increasing your chances of making connections, or at least taking some of the work out of the process. It’s a free ad-supported service, though there is an option to upgrade and remove the ads from your profile, at a cost of $2 per month.

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