Teradata Aster now does graph processing

Teradata has upped the capabilities of its Teradata Aster big data platform by adding in a native graph-processing engine called SQL-GR. Not a bad idea considering the increased attention around graph processing lately, as well as the need for an aging Teradata to keep up with (or ahead of) of the Joneses in the big data space. And Teradata’s SNAP Framework — which ingests a query and then decides the right processing engines and data stores to invoke — is pretty sweet in theory.

Hadapt raises $9.5M for Hadoop data warehouse

Cambridge, Mass.-based startup Hadapt closed a Series A funding round of $9.5 million for its Hadoop-based software that handles structured and unstructured data in a single system. Norwest Venture Partners and Bessemer Venture Partners led the round, which comes about seven months after Hadapt’s launch.

Startup Aims to Create Big Apps for Big Data

What if you amassed petabytes of data and then realized you had nothing you wanted to do with it? It’s not enough to hoard data hoping for patterns; to create the true promise of a big data revolution the industry needs big apps.

As Teradata Plans to Buy Aster, What’s Left?

Data warehousing giant Teradata today agreed to acquire Aster Data, a data analytics provider, proving that it’s no longer enough to be able to store and access a lot of data quickly, one must also be able to analyze it quickly. But now, who’s left.

Cloud Startup Values Are Getting Insane

Forget AngelGate and shift your attention to the big-money world of cloud computing and infrastructure startups. While the clashing egos clang in the Silicon Valley echo chamber, massive amounts of money have started to flow into the cloud companies, at nosebleed valuations.

Aster Data Gets $30 Million in New Funds

Aster Data, a big data analytics software company is saying that it has received $30 million in new funds from existing investors and a new undisclosed strategic investor. David Cheriton who backed Google and VMWare as an angel investor is also investing in the company.

Aster Data Gets New CEO, Founder Switches Roles

Aster Data, a San Carlos, Calif.-based start-up that develops software for big data applications, says it’s replacing its founder-CEO, Mayank Bawa, with software industry veteran Quentin Gallivan, who previously worked for Pivotlink and Postini. Bawa will switch roles and will be company’s chief customer officer.

Aster Data Offers Free MapReduce IDE To Boost Use of Big Data

Aster Data, a San Carlos, Calif.-based company, is offering a free version of MapReduce development environment for downloads, which will allow developers to build data analytical apps based on it. MapReduce is a technology that was first used by Google for parallel processing of bigdata sets.