Want better Wi-Fi? Maybe you just need a better router.

Too many connected devices downloading, streaming or uploading in the home can choke a home network, and there’s not much average consumers can do about it. But Qualcomm hopes that its new StreamBooost technology will help make the router –and home networks — smarter and better.

Top Chips! Intel hits a high as our gadgets multiply

Intel has taken the top spot when it comes to semiconductor market share, making 15.6 percent of the overall chips sold in the world, according to IHS iSuppli. This year it made more money on more products — achieving a market share it hasn’t seen since 2001.

And another new chip for smart homes & appliances

Soon, there might be WiFi in everything around you. Earlier this morning, Atheros, a division of Qualcomm launched a new very low power consuming WiFi chip, AR4100P, that is focused on what is commonly known as the Internet of Things.

Check out the future of Wi-Fi (gigabit speeds)

Faster in-home Wi-Fi is only a year or two away, says Craig Barratt, president of Qualcomm Atheros, who said next generation Wi-Fi could deliver gigabit speeds making it better and faster. This is good because the technology is the work-horse of home networking.

Qualcomm’s Atheros Buy and the Importance of Wi-Fi

As the network rises in importance, Qualcomm wants to give every piece of it on the consumer side a sliver of intelligence (and maybe even an application processor in items such as set-top-boxes or residential gateways) and take a cut of the licensing revenue in return.

Qualcomm Bid For Atheros is Focused on the Home

Qualcomm is reportedly in talk to buy Atheros, a rival wireless chipmaker in a deal valued at $3.5 billion, according to the New York Times. The deal enables Qualcomm to move beyond its cellular base and into wireless technologies gaining ground in the home and elsewhere.

Viva La Wi-Fi!

Wi-Fi was hot last year and it’s only getting hotter in 2010 as the availability of personal hotspots such as the Mi-Fi and the rise of the Direct Wi-Fi standard mean that putting a Wi-Fi chip in anything makes the device more useful.