FCC outlines $15B spectrum flip from TV broadcast to mobile

The FCC wants to kick off an incentive auction in 2014 that would buy back TV airwaves from the broadcasters and sell them to mobile operators at a premium. The plan isn’t without critics, but in general it was lauded by both consumer groups and carriers.

How mobile is reviving old school silent auctions

BiddingForGood, a sort of eBay for non-profit online auctions, is launching a new technology called Smart Bidding that will bring its auction services into physical locations for the first time, enabling organizations to use mobile devices to jazz up traditional silent auctions and expand their reach.

New Swoopo CEO Campaigns Against Copycats

Swoopo, the crazy “entertainment shopping” site where users buy bids to compete against one another and lengthen the time until an auction closes, has spread to seven countries, facilitated 200,000+ transactions, and inspired tens of behavioral economics academic papers over the last 4.5 years.