Facebook apps need their own sites

Social games and app developers got a bit of a shock when Facebook snuck out some Platform Policy changes. So what can an app developer do to get the most out of Facebook and insulate itself as much as possible from Facebook changes? Build its own site.

Today in Social

It’s a little slow in social media and real-time topics today, so let’s look at creating and monetizing content. Silicon Alley Insider has what appears to be a legit copy of an Aol internal presentation on its content process. It’s a must-read for all online publishers and editors. Some of its assumptions appear off to me, and the process is as clinical as Demand Media’s, but there are many thought-provoking tactics. Aol aims to have video on 70% of its pages generating $35 CPMs, and it wants to get 50% of a channel’s revenue from commerce in addition to advertising. All those figures seem overly aggressive, even for service journalism (“news you can use”). On the other hand, Aol is smart about audience re-circulation and traffic sources. E.g., only 10% from social referrals but with a good strategy for recruiting and ranking freelancers with followings. Should definitely generate discussion at your next planning meeting.