No one agrees what coworking is, academic finds

A UT researcher spent several years asking Austin area coworkers and space proprietors to define what the movement was all about. The wide array of different and even contradictory answers he came up with is both intriguing and bewildering. Can anyone define coworking?

Once again, SXSW is huge for Airbnb in Austin

Austin at SXSW is a prime example of the kind of flexibility that Airbnb can provide to both residents and visitors during a major event. With three weeks left before the conference starts, the San Francisco-based startup has already surpassed last year’s bookings.

What’s Your Favorite Web App, Guy Kawasaki?

I’ve been at SXSW attending sessions, seeing product demos and interviewing tech company founders. I’ve also been asking anyone who identifies themselves as a web worker about their favorite web app and how it helps them with their work.

Here is the first of a series of short interviews with a variety of web working types, starting with venture capitalist and co-founder of Alltop, Guy Kawasaki, who reveals his favorite web app: the “ultimate marketing tool for Twitter.”

What’s Your Favorite App, Guy Kawasaki? from WebWorkerDaily on Vimeo.

You can find Guy Kawasaki on Twitter: @guykawasaki.
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