Smule and T-Pain Bring Auto-Tune to Your iPhone


What happens when a bunch of really smart and musically inclined PhDs who make iPhone apps team up with a popular hip-hop recording artist? You get a recording studio-quality, karaoke-style machine in your pocket, otherwise called I Am T-Pain ($2.99). It’s the latest in a string of audio-based hits from Smule, and is available in the App Store today.

If you’ve been dreaming of sounding like T-Pain — or just want that glass-shattering voice to sound half-way respectable, like me — then the I Am T-Pain application for iPhone is your ticket. By incorporating Auto-Tune technology (secret sauce, compliments of Antares Audio Technologies), anyone’s voice is enhanced, sounding as if it came from a recording studio. Marry that to Smule’s real-time audio processing, and you’re on your way to earning a platinum record…or at least some free beverages when you become the hit of the party using I Am T-Pain. Read More about Smule and T-Pain Bring Auto-Tune to Your iPhone