Trigger happy

Two-year old start-up Lisnr, has figured out a way to take the unpredictable human element out of the ACR equation.

TV goes mobile

The existing TV ecosystem rests on two revenue pillars: advertising and distribution (i.e. carriage and retransmission) fees. Cracking the incumbents hold on the system will requiring disrupting or undermining one or both of those revenue streams.

Getting the world to come to Google

The more consumers rely on touch-enabled, personal devices to find and access content for their TV, the more appealing the link between personal devices and the TV will be to marketers.

Standardizing the Second Screen

Content recognition technology has been around for a decade or more in various forms, including watermark detection and digital fingerprinting. But its purpose has generally been to enable various types of B2B content authentications or to trigger anti-piracy measures, not to enable interactivity.