iTunes in the Cloud goes international

One part of Apple’s iCloud service that went live originally back in June is “iTunes in the Cloud,” which let U.S. users download past music purchases to any device associated with your iTunes account. Now, international customers can join in the fun, too.

Finally: One Apple ID to rule them all?

On my iPhone and iPad, I have to sign in to two different Apple IDs in order to get everything set up the way it should be. When iCloud arrives, things could get worse. But they might get better, if Apple finally allows Apple ID merging.

iTunes 10.3 beta now available, with a touch of iCloud

The iTunes 10.3 beta is now available for download for any and all from Apple’s official site. The iTunes build brings support for some basic iCloud functionality. Specifically, you’ll be able to view and download any past purchases you’ve made through the iTunes store.