Report: Feds look into HP claims of Autonomy fraud

The Federal Bureau of Investigation is looking into HP’s allegations that former Autonomy management misled the company about its books, according to a Bloomberg News report. The SEC brought in the FBI because criminal acts have been alleged by HP management.

Former Autonomy execs reject HP’s fraud charges

Autonomy’s former management, including Mike Lynch, deny HP charges that they misled, practiced bad accounting and failed to disclose key information to HP prior to its acquisition of Autonomy. HP has asked the US and UK authorities to pursue a criminal investigation.

HP requests fraud investigation into Autonomy deal

Update: Hewlett Packard charges Autonomy with accounting improprieties, misrepresentations and disclosure failures and is pushing US and UK authorities to pursue criminal action. The company said $5 billion of an $8.8 billion charge is related directly to Autonomy’s misbehavior.