Mobile photo editing tools push point-and-shoots closer to the brink

Aviary, a maker of mobile photo editing tools, is introducing an update to its four-month-old mobile software development kit today with more effects, better controls and high-resolution output. Can photo editing tools hasten the demise of point-and-shoot cameras? Aviary thinks so.

Aviary arms mobile apps with photo editing tools

Thought you’d seen enough mobile photo apps? Well, Aviary has some different ideas. The New York City-based developer of advanced creative tools for photo, design and audio, is now bringing its web photo editing tools to mobile developers through an SDK for iPhone and Android devices.

Startups, get ready to hack the future of TV in NYC, which takes place September 10 and 11 in New York City, will bring together startups and developers in the online video and connected TV space. The event is focused on creating applications to advance content and distribution in the new digital living room.

Photo Hack Day highlights rise of NY hacking culture

Come August 20 and 21, the next Instagram and Hipstamatic could emerge in New York City, ready to do battle in the increasingly tough photo app market. Those are the dates for the Photo Hack Day, billed as the largest photo hackathon for developers.

Aviary Adds an HTML5 Photo Editor to Its Suite of Online Tools

Aviary?’s suite of nifty online Flash-based editing tools have been covered a few times here on WWD, but the company has now ?announced? that its added an HTML5-based photo editor, codenamed Feather, to the lineup. That’s great news for people who can’t (or won’t) install Flash

Myna: A Surprisingly Good Online Audio Editor

Earlier today, I stumbled across Myna, an online audio editor. Normally, I am skeptical of such online audio tools, but Myna is by Aviary, the folks who’ve created some very fine online image editing tools, so I decided to give it a whirl.

Images In The Cloud: Checking Out Online Image Editors

There are alternatives to Photoshop Elements, including a gaggle of online image editing programs offered either for free or a modest fee. None of them holds a candle to full-fledged bitmap image editors like Photoshop Elements, Pixelmator or Acorn in terms of power and sophistication, but depending on your needs, image editing “in the cloud” could be all you require.

Aviary Expands Its Fluency With Photo Editing, Images, Effects and More

Last October, we published a post about Aviary, a suite of graphics-focused online applications that, at the time, consisted of three basic tools. Aviary has expanded since then to become a very popular, award-winning graphics suite — much more than the simple photo editor that it started out as. There are quite a few new modules in the suite. I’ve been using all of the tools recently; it’s one of the best graphics suites you’ll find. It’s also free, although a Pro version is available.

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