Here comes Boxee TV: A $99 box with over-the-air TV and cloud DVR

Boxee is back with a new devices that focused squarely on broadcast content: The new Boxee TV comes with two tuners for over-the-air content and unlimited DVR recording space in the cloud. The company’s existing Boxee Box will be put into maintenance mode.

Boxee opens up Cloudee to everyone, adds desktop uploader

Cloudee, Boxee’s private video sharing app for the iPhone is now available to anyone. The company also added a desktop uploader as well as an improved web UI. Storage is still free for a limited time, so you might want to upload your clips now.

Meet Cloudee: Boxee launches cloud video sharing app

Boxee launched a video sharing app for the iPhone Monday that aims to make private video sharing easier. A close integration with the Boxee Box will follow soon, and a paid service tier is in the works as well. But is Cloudee Boxee’s DVR in disguise?

Today in Connected Consumer

Boxee stuck USB dongle-shaped finger in the eye of the cable industry this morning. In a blog post, Boxee CEO Avner Ronen, confirmed reports that Boxee would begin selling a $49 live-TV antenna dongle for the Boxee Box in January that will let users receive over-the-air broadcast signals through their over-the-top set-top box, making it easier than ever to cut the cable cord. The company wasn’t shy about his intentions, either. The blog post includes a preview of Boxee’s planned marketing pitch for the antenna, which asks prominently, “Still spending too much on cable TV?” Ronen goes even further. “Cable companies keep telling the press and investors that ‘cord cutting’ is not real, and that if it exists then it’s limited to people who can no longer afford cable,” he writes. “We are sure they are conducting objective and unbiased research, but we are meeting more and more “cord never getters” and “cord cutters” every day. They are more than just people tightening their belts in tough economic times, these are people who have left cable TV behind because it does not fit their lifestyle.” So there.

5 Questions With…Boxee CEO Avner Ronen

As the CEO of Boxee, Avner Ronen has become a fierce advocate for the viability of streaming content. For today’s Five Questions With…, he addresses the potential alienation of early Boxee adaptors and proposes a radical new distribution plan for Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert.

Boxee CEO on Apple TV: Not Enough Freedom

Boxee’s Avner Ronen doesn’t like the recently launched new Apple TV, and he thinks that Google’s idea to center its Google TV around a simple search box is not very mainstream-friendly. Check out our interview with Ronen for more thoughts on Boxee’s competition and future.

Incumbents vs. Innovation: The Online Video Battle

Much in the way we saw (and continue to see) the big players in music struggle to stay ahead of technology innovators, incumbents in video entertainment are having a difficult time staying ahead of pesky upstarts like Boxee. This week, the freeware media center startup has found yet another way to sidestep maneuvers by Hulu to block its software from getting feeds of the NBC/News Corp. joint venture’s highly desirable premium content. This shows a couple things: first, the continued ability to show Hulu and other premium content is really one of the core appeals of Boxee. Secondly, Boxee may be proving itself, even as it shows its resourcefulness as a company, to be too much of a tinkerer’s solution for those of us who simply like to watch TV without much effort.