When Open Platforms Get Closed: AT&T Cripples Backflip

The Motorola Backflip is AT&T’s foray into the open world of the Android phone. Unfortunately, it seems the carrier wasn’t just content to replace Google search with Yahoo’s offering, it also has disabled some of the capabilities that make an open platform like Android popular.

Enjoy Physics-Based Fun With Ragdoll Blaster for iPhone


What happens when you bring together four engineers and one über-artist, all sharing a rich background in both game design and development experience on a “very popular 3D earth-rendering application,” lock them all in a studio in Boulder, Colo., and let them loose on the iPhone (s aapl) SDK?

Well, you get Backflip Studios. Pretty obvious really, if you think about it.

ragdoll_blaster_title_screenYou also get Ragdoll Blaster ($1.99, iTunes link), quite simply one of the most engaging, frustrating, enjoyable and addictive games now available for the iPhone and iPod Touch. Read More about Enjoy Physics-Based Fun With Ragdoll Blaster for iPhone