Video of Android apps running on…. Tizen?

The Samsung- and Intel backed Tizen mobile operating system could give both companies an out from using Google Android. But without apps, how successful can Tizen be? Perhaps the platform should look to Android again, but only for the apps, which run on OpenMobile’s solution.

Samsung stands to lose, not gain, by open-sourcing bada

There’s talk today of Samsung open-sourcing its Bada smartphone platform next year, but the company has little to gain and much to lose if it does. Why give up control of the one asset Samsung has that no successful handset maker outside of Apple enjoys?

Samsung: We’re not buying webOS either

Not only does Samsung not want to buy HP’s PC business, it also says it wants nothing to do with buying webOS. Samsung’s CEO made that clear Friday while talking with reporters at the IFA consumer electronics show in Berlin.

Step aside Android; Samsung debuts Bada 2.0 handsets

Samsung has used Google Android to propel it to the no. 2 smartphone sales spot, but there’s definitely a plan B, as in Bada. The company debuted a trio of Bada 2.0 smartphones that offer many Android features, which could boost sales for Samsung’s proprietary platform.

By 2015, smartphones will rule the mobile planet

Smartphones will represent around 54.5 percent of the mobile phone market by 2015. IHS, a research firm, says global smartphone shipments of 1.03 billion in 2015 versus 478 million smartphones shipped in 2011. At present, smartphones have about 32.5 percent share of the market.