A peek inside China’s internet giants and their massive scale

China’s big four internet companies are big — huge, in fact — but they’re not yet technological innovators like their American counterparts. However, scalability is an an issue that knows no borders, which has spurred some cross-continental cooperation. Will it also inspire a Chinese tech awakening?

Another company for the networking startup files: Pica8

After raising $6.6 million in October, Pica8 is launching its combination of OpenFlow-based hardware and the software to control massively scaled-out data centers. The company is hoping that buyers will rip out old gear and replace it with its commodity switches and software.

Apple could unveil Baidu for iPhone search at WWDC

It was rumored before and now it looks like it’s happening: Apple is going to offer China’s leading search engine, Baidu, as an option on iPhones sold in China. On Thursday, Bloomberg reported that the deal was done, and that Apple could announce it at WWDC in San Francisco next week.

What Tim Cook is doing in China

On Monday Apple CEO Tim Cook met with government officials to talk “investment” in the country. This kind of trip to China is something Steve Jobs didn’t do, but China’s importance to Apple has changed drastically in just the last couple years.