New Bambuser apps optimize mobile live streaming

Swedish live streaming startup Bambuser knows that mobile networks can be unreliable for high-quality broadcasts – but it also realizes that people don’t want to watch a fuzzy video of an archived stream. That’s why it came with a unique technology for its live streaming apps.

Orb Live brings free Hulu content to Android

Hulu has been slow in rolling out its apps for Android devices, but Android handset owners don’t need to wait any longer: All of Hulu’s content is now available on their mobile phones for free, thanks to a new and controversial app from Orb Networks.

Netflix: We’re not cracking down on simultaneous streams

Some Netflix users reported earlier this week that the company has started to crack down on streaming to more than one device at any given time. Netflix denied any policy change when contacted by us and said the error messages were the result of a glitch.

Who are we kidding? Of course it’s Netflix vs. cable.

Netflix execs may insist publicly that they’re no threat to cable, but there’s plenty of evidence that the company’s subscription service and pay TV offerings are squarely competing for the eye balls and subscription dollars of the very same audience. In other words: It’s on!

Future of TV According to Netflix’s Reed Hastings

EXCLUSIVE: Reed Hastings, chief executive officer and founder of online video company Netflix, has a pretty clear idea of what the future of video looks like. It needs high-speed fiber broadband, it involves sensors and it is all about click-and-watch on-demand Internet video.

Good News for Netflix: Shaw Raises Bandwidth Caps

Shaw is raising its bandwidth caps, making it easier for its customers to enjoy Netflix streams without the fear of overage charges. The cable operator is even introducing unlimited bandwidth broadband plans — but only for those who also subscribe to its pay TV services.

Data Hungry Mobile Apps Eating into Bandwidth Use

It’s easy for consumers to blame constant web browsing and occasional online video as the big bandwidth hogs, but mobile apps shouldn’t get a free pass. The number of apps is growing, as is their usage, and some gobble up more than 100 MB per hour.

Netflix Data: AT&T Caps Not That Generous After All

AT&T is arguing that most of its DSL customers won’t even get close to its new 125 GB bandwidth caps. However, new data from Sandvine suggests that one in three Xbox 360 owners is already consuming 80 GB per month, thanks to a Netflix subscription.

Netflix Traffic Now Bigger Than BitTorrent. Has Hollywood Won?

Netflix continues to grow, with its streaming service now making up more Internet traffic than BitTorrent file sharing in North America. That might seem like a big win for Hollywood, but the traffic growth also comes at a time when ISPs are introducing bandwidth caps.

Bandwidth Diet? 10 Tips for Managing Your Capped Bandwidth

Starting on May 2, AT&T DSL customers have a cap of 150 GB, and U-verse customers have 250 GB of bandwidth (combined upload and download) per month. Here are 10 tips to economize your bandwidth usage and prevent unexpected overages both for the newly oppressed.