In a world of FaceTime and Kik, what happens to the phone number?

With the transition to an all-VoIP world phone numbers are a bit of an anachronism but even the die-hard VoIP lovers at think the 10-digit number is here to stay at least for another decade. Here’s how your digits will transition to the digital.

Republic Wireless: Everything you need to know

Republic Wireless, the division of that offers customers an Android phone with unlimited voice data and texts for $19 a month launches Tuesday. Here’s how it will work (there’s a $199 “membership” fee) and what it means for the wireless industry.

Need a VoIP Cloud? Just Whistle & Roll Your Own

If there’s a cloud for compute, for storage and any other variation under the sun why shouldn’t there be a VoIP cloud to deliver telephony over the Internet? With the launch of Whistle, the 2600 Hertz Project will make building a VoIP cloud cheaper and easier.

Exclusive: Former FCC Chair Sets Up Growth Capital Shop has raised $22 million in its first round of capital from new growth equity shop Carmichael Partners, which counts former FCC Chairman Kevin Martin as a managing partner. Martin helped score $22 million from institutions and individuals for, but has not raised a fund. Launches a Better Broadband Map, which offers wholesale voice services to many application providers, launched a website Monday with a broadband map that will offer people insights about the quality of service, the speeds of service and the price others have paid for broadband available in their area. and Verizon Just Made VoIP Sustainable and Verizon Communications today signed an agreement that could make it easier from companies such as Skype and Twilio to build out cool VoIP applications and service as well as set precedent ahead of any regulatory policy on how phone companies charge for VoIP calls.

Meet The 2600hz Project, The New Sound of Open Source Telephony

Some of the developers behind FreePBX, a well-known open-source phone system, have teamed up and started The 2600hz Project, an entity promoting a collection of open-source telephony applications and libraries. They’re releasing, a reworked version of open source FreePBX.’s New iPhone Apps Are Big Time Savers today launched two new iPhone applications targeted at both consumers and small business customers: Holdr and Conference Starter. One app gets people together on the phone while the other frees you from annoying hold music as you wait to speak to a real, live person.