Clearwire: You want fast 4G?? How’s 168 Mbps?

The Big 4 carriers took swipes at one another at CTIA Wireless, arguing over which had the faster network and whose were really 4G. Clearwire stayed out of the debate, but according to CTO John Saw the carrier is planning to shame them all.

Ericsson’s new HSPA: Now with 3 times the upload oomph!

Ericsson is showing off a new network technology at Mobile World Congress that will boost uplink capacity on HSPA systems by three times, to a theoretical 12 Mbps. That’s ideally suited for the changing ways we’re consuming mobile broadband.

Social media use at work exploding, but beware alarmists

A new report on social networking traffic patterns in organizations across the globe reveals that while use of social networks at work is way up, it still accounts for only a miniscule percentage of bandwidth. Threats to data security may be the bigger issue.

Is Internet access a fundamental human right?

Vint Cerf is one of the fathers of the Internet, but he argues that Internet access shouldn’t be seen as a fundamental human right — simply as a tool that enables other rights. But is this true? And what are the implications if he’s wrong?