Facebook reportedly in talks to acquire Indian Android app optimization startup

Facebook(s fb) may soon buy a Bangalore startup, called Little Eye Labs, that provides performance analysis and optimization tools for Android(s goog) developers. According to a Monday report in India’s Business Standard, advanced talks are being facilitated by the Indian Software Products Industry Roundtable (iSpirt). This may be connected with Facebook’s quest to better optimize its apps to run on low-end devices and spartan internet connections — like Google, the firm is trying to push further into developing markets. In recent months, Google bought French mobile optimization outfit Flexycore and Facebook picked up data compression specialist Onavo.

Microsoft puts Azure accelerator in Bangalore to woo startups

In its push to get traction for Windows Azure as a platform for cloud services, Microsoft is opening an Azure accelerator in Bangalore. The goal is to find and help startups across India and Southeast Asia — and get them aboard the Microsoft PaaS.

Spotting M&A opportunity, martinwolf opens Bangalore office

As tech companies–both vendors that build product — and integrators that customize and integrate that product into larger solutions — strive for scale there’s growing opportunity for cross-border mergers. That’s why martinwolf M&A Advisors of San Ramon, Calif. is opening an office in Bangalore.

Goyaka helps Flickr photo fans flock to Facebook

Moving Flickr photographs over to Facebook is not easy. Goyaka Labs promises a free, automated, fast way to transfer your photos en masse in a three-step process so they can be shared with friends and family. A Picasa version is also on its way.

The coolest co-working space around (It’s in Bangalore)

The road to optimal productivity and happiness at the lowest cost is paved with pallet racks, the internet, yoga and local organic leafy green salads, according to Freeman Murray, the co-founder of Jaaga, which is pretty much the coolest co-working space you’ll find out there.

Today in Cleantech

There have been attempts to couple on site renewable energy with data centers in the past. Most recently, IBM is testing a project in Bangalore, India that uses solar panels to reduce power conversion steps in anticipation of servers that can run on DC power. But the business model developed by WindData is unique in that the company is a renewable energy company that has decided to add data center warehousing as a product offering. It will develop wind farms for the sole purpose of providing wind power to corresponding data centers. WindData, a subsidiary of Austin, TX based Baryonx, says that by developing wind power generation projects with data centers, it can offer IT companies long term reliable power prices free of pricing volatility and any potential carbon regulation. If it can pull this off at truly reasonable long term power prices, this could make it much easier for companies that want to access clean power.