David Carr on newspapers, Twitter and citizen journalism

Despite all the gloom in the newspaper business, which he says will likely still have to suffer more pain and possible bankruptcies, New York Times media writer David Carr says he believes that thanks to the internet we are living in a “golden age for journalism.”

It’s official: LightSquared goes bankrupt. What’s next?

Hours away from defaulting on debt, LightSquared filed for bankruptcy protection. The company has said it would use the shelter of Chapter 11 to buy time in its fight to build its nationwide LTE network, but this could just be a prelude to a liquidation of assets.

Today in Mobile

Bloomberg has just reported that LightSquared has filed bankruptcy, ending weeks of negotiations that saw creditors twice give extensions in the hopes of avoiding such a move. But the filing may not be the final chapter for LightSquared, which still owns a ton of spectrum that seems to become more valuable by the day. There’s no shortage of potential buyers for that spectrum, from an established wireless giant like AT&T to multiple smaller players looking to bulk up — or just start — their own 4G networks. So LightSquared is likely to listen to all kinds of suitors as it plods its way through bankruptcy court.

Deal or die time for LightSquared; Will Dish swoop in?

LightSquared is preparing for a potential bankruptcy filing on Monday as it has made little progress in its negotiations with debtholders. If LightSquared does enter into bankruptcy it might find Dish Network waiting, eager to relieve it of its spectrum.

Say Goodbye To Blockbuster Stores

The Blockbuster brand emerged from the ashes of bankruptcy to have an impact on the bottom line of its new owner, Dish Network (NSDQ: DISH).…

Battery maker Ener1 looks to restructure in bankruptcy court

Some good news and bad news for the beleaguered battery maker Ener1. On Thursday, the company announced it’s filing for Chapter 11 in New York, but has done so under a pre-arranged restructuring plan that includes commitments for up to $81 million from investors.

LanzaTech raises $56M, targets Asia with biofuel tech

Asia, with its rapidly growing number of car owners and large pollution problems, could very well be the biggest market for biofuels and green chemicals one day. LanzaTech, which announced Monday it has raised $55.8 million, is certainly finding more willing customers and partners Asia.

Can Carl Icahn pick up the pieces of LightSquared?

Carl Icahn has been quietly buying up LightSquared’s debt a rock bottom prices, which would put the activist investor in position to take over the company in the increasingly likely event of bankruptcy. But would there be anything left of LightSquared to salvage?

Another changing of the guard for solar startup Nanosolar

Nanosolar, which has struggled for years to fulfill its promise as the next major thin-film solar manufacturer, announced Thursday it has a new CEO. Eugenia Corrales, who has been the startup’s head of engineering and operations, is taking over the chief executive post effective immediately.