Forget QR codes: Your touchscreen can “read” this ink

Ever since the smartphone era began, companies have looked for ways to quickly get information from the offline product world onto the phone. Barcode scanning and QR codes work, but what if we could just use a printed solution readable by our phone’s touchscreen?

5 reasons you’re probably wasting time with QR codes

QR codes, those tiny 2D codes are big on is hype, with proponents touting them as the bridge between the offline and online world. But that offline to online bridge is structurally flawed and may be keeping many brands from reaching their audience effectively.

Is Mobile Search About To Go Visual?

Amazon’s pick-up of SnapTell last week drew little media attention, but the move could go a long way in pushing image-based search toward mass-market adoption in the U.S., in part because it does away with the need for 2-D barcodes, which haven’t yet tempted U.S. consumers, handset manufacturers or carriers.