On my want list: Mophie Juice Pack Helium

Most external battery packs are big and bulky and unattractive. Mophie has come up a thinner snap-on battery pack, Helium, that adds about six hours of extra Internet time to my iPhone 5. No wonder it is on my want list.

The most important chart in energy

The modern centralized method of energy generation and distribution is inherently inefficient, and that state is embodied by a little known chart. It’s also this chart which could show just how efficient the energy grid could be with distributed energy storage and technology.

Battery startups join forces: Contour acquires ActaCell

Two battery startups join forces on the long road of next-generation battery manufacturing. Contour Energy Systems, which makes fluorine-based batteries, has acquired Actacell and its lithium ion battery material tech. ActaCell will operate as a subsidiary under Contour Energy Systems.

California’s pioneering energy storage mandate moves forward

California is moving ahead with what could be a precedent-setting mandate to require its utilities to invest in energy storage systems and services, which are meant to complement the growing amount of wind and solar electricity flowing into the grid.

Paraffin mix paves way for cooler electric car batteries

A new coolant called CryoSolplus, being developed at one of Germany’s Fraunhofer institutes, aims to make electric car batteries last longer by using paraffin droplets that are three times better at absorbing heat than water.

3 things that are holding back grid energy storage

There are only a little over 500 deployed energy storage projects in the world, according to Pike Research. So what’s the hold up? Here’s three hurdles facing energy storage grid projects.

When will LTE stop sucking (your battery)?

Your LTE phone is just as adept at eating battery power as it is at eating bandwidth. Last week, I wrote about the many ways that LTE devices are far more power hungry than their 3G predecessors. Now let’s look at what’s being doing about it.

iDAPT i4 review: A unique charger that’s ready for anything

If your work area is anything like mine, you have an assortment of power bricks and USB cords cluttering things up. The iDAPT i4 solves the charging dillema by creating a universal and interchangeable charging station, using swappable tips to cover the gamut of mobile devices.