More restructuring for Blackberry: QNX, Project Ion, and crypto software combined into new business unit

It’s been a year full of tumult for Blackberry since CEO John Chen took over the company last November, but there’s at least one more shake-up in store: Blackberry announced Monday that it is creating a new business unit consisting of its most promising technologies. The Blackberry Technology unit will house QNX, Blackberry’s embedded OS, Project Ion, its foray into the Internet of Things, its cryptography software, and 44,000 patents. It will be headed by former Sony-Ericsson CTO Sandeep Chennakeshu. The reorganization could be the first step to reopening talks to sell off parts of the business.

BlackBerry’s head of BBM leaves company

BlackBerry(s bbry) might not be doing too well, but BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) has seen a recent uptick in popularity, thanks to new Android(s goog) and iOS(s aapl) apps. It comes as a surprise, then, that the executive VP in charge of BBM, Andrew Brocking, has left the company. BlackBerry confirmed Brocking’s departure on Monday to BGR. CNET is reporting that it was Brocking’s decision to leave the company, and John Sims, head of global solution, will now manage the BBM group. BlackBerry CEO John Chen had previously mentioned the company’s hopes for turning BBM into a revenue stream, though it is unclear how it plans to do so and if Brocking’s departure will have an effect.