Video demo: Free BBM voice calls over Wi-Fi on BlackBerry

Just one month after announcing free voice calls over Wi-Fi in BlackBerry Messenger, Research In Motion delivers the feature to all handsets running BB 6 OS or better. A video demo shows the added functionality, which could save money for some, easy to use.

BBM Voice: RIM adds Wi-Fi voice calling to BlackBerry Messenger

BlackBerry 6 OS devices now have a new BBM feature: Voice calls over Wi-Fi. The software, which is coming to BB 5 as well, can help BlackBerry users talk and text at the same time, while cutting down on voice minute usage; good for emerging markets.

Operators better say goodbye to the SMS cash cow

The carrier cash cow of SMS text messaging is on the wane, driven by third-party messaging apps that include BlackBerry Messenger, iMessage, Skype and others. So what will carriers do to replace it? Look for pricing changes and a focus on M2M.

BBM Music helps RIM dance through its transition

Research In Motion’s BBM Music service moved from beta to general availability on Tuesday, allowing BBM friends to share music tracks. This is clever, adding new value to the old BBM service as RIM continues to transition from BlackBerry to its new BBX operating system.

London’s burning, and BlackBerry’s in the firing line

After a weekend of riots in London, reports are spreading suggesting that mobs are using BlackBerry Messenger to organize themselves. That news may come as a surprise, but it’s really just evidence of how popular the brand is in the inner city.