Technologies change in the wake of an Apple event, again

Innovation is best measured by the disruption it causes, and Apple sure has been disruptive this week. OS X Lion being offered only via digital distribution is perhaps the most noteworthy example, but here are a few more that are nearly as pertinent.

iMessage: Biting RIM’s style & sticking it to carriers

iOS 5 introduces a lot of changes for Apple’s mobile operating system, but iMessages is one of the most significant. It lets iPad, iPhone and iPod touch owners send rich and group messages free of charge. It’s borrows from RIM’s playbook, but also challenges network operators.

Report: BlackBerry Messenger Heading to iPhone April 26

Early this month, BGR reported that RIM was considering opening up its Blackberry Messenger service to other platforms, including iOS and Android. Today, a report claimed that BBM would be coming to iPhone in April, but that report was confirmed to be a hoax.

Will (or Can) RIM Take the Road IBM Once Traveled?

The big news in the mobile space today is that RIM is considering expanding its BlackBerry Messenger service to Android and iOS platforms. Why would RIM give away the biggest draw to its hardware platform? Maybe because it finally realized hardware isn’t where its strengths lie.