RIM’s pain could be Apple’s enterprise gain

A new survey of business professionals out of the U.K. reveals that RIM’s recent network problems could work out very well for enterprise adoption of Apple’s iPhone. A survey revealed a lot of individuals interested in defection, and Apple’s platform as the life raft of choice.

New headache for RIM: Trademark lawsuit over BBX name

Research In Motion has another headache with a trademark lawsuit over its new BBX operating system name. Basis International, a New Mexico software company, has followed up with threats against RIM with a lawsuit claiming that it owns the trademark to the BBX name.

Survey says: RIM’s core users are abandoning ship

Research In Motion’s BlackBerry platform has long ruled the mobile enterprise, but the end of its reign appears to be near. A recent survey of enterprises that have 10,000 or more BlackBerry users show that 30 percent are planning to leave RIM’s platform. Here’s why.

Today in Mobile

Research In Motion this morning finally unveiled its next-generation mobile operating system, dubbed BBX. Co-CEO Mike Lazaridis said the platform combines the best elements of the aging BlackBerry OS with QNX, which powers the PlayBook. BBX likely has the technical muscle to compete with iOS and Android, and as long as RIM executes (which is never certain) it should have strong appeal to RIM’s existing customer base. That base is winnowing by the day, though, as is RIM’s developer community. So RIM must bring BBX to market quickly and flawlessly if it is to continue to be a major player.