Beatles Music Now Available in iTunes Store [Updated]

It’s not quite time for the Apple announcement yet, so there’s no telling whether or not this is what’s going to be revealed, but a simple search finds that music by The Beatles is now available for purchase in the iTunes Store.

Today in Connected Consumer

Want proof that DRM drives people mad? Check out Media Rights Technology, a Silicon Valley provider of “content management” services. In 2007, the company sent cease-and-desist letters to Microsoft, Adobe, RealNetworks and Apple, claiming that Vista, Flash, RealPlayer and iTunes were infringing MRT’s technology under the DMCA. Their alleged crime? Not using MRT’s anti-stream-ripper to protect Internet radio transmissions. Then this week, MRT subsidiary started selling Beatles downloads for 25 cents a track. When challenged by EMI, MRT founder Hank Risen claimed BlueBeat actually owns the copyright on the tracks it’s selling because he recorded them himself  using “psycho-acoustic simulation.” Yesterday, a judge issued a restraining order. Restraints might have been more appropriate.