Can Beats help AT&T make money in mobile music?

Jimmy Iovine of Beats Electronics is reportedly in talks with AT&T to help launch Daisy, an upcoming music subscription service. The proposed alliance could actually help AT&T cash in on a space where they’ve failed time and again.

For HTC, Beats partnership was missing a beat

Beats Electronics, which sold half the company to Taiwanese smartphone maker HTC Corp., for $300 million in August 2011, says it is buying back 25% of itself. For HTC it is a lesson that reinforces the importance of focus on its core business.

Yo, HTC — you got problems. And Dr. Dre can’t fix them

HTC spent $300 million to buy majority of Beats Electronics, a lifestyle brand that makes headphones. That deal might buy the company coolness but it might not be enough for a company fighting a tough fight with well funded and more motivated rivals like Samsung.