Funnela: Good Small Business CRM for First-Timers

funnelalogoI was recently shocked to discover that a friend of mine who is quite a few years (and jobs) into a successful career in engineering sales not only doesn’t use any kind of customer relationship management (CRM) system or application, but actually had never heard the term! When I described what a CRM system does, he said, “You mean like the padfolio where I write stuff down and keep business cards?”
It’s hard to say he’s going about things the wrong way, because he’s never been fired, but I strongly believe that some kind of CRM software would help him a lot in his work, and single him out as a progressively-minded individual with his employers. There are so many easy-to-use, free options out there, you’d have trouble not finding a good solution. Recently, I tried out Funnela, and I think it has something to offer people like my friend.
Like Relenta, another CRM app I recently covered, Funnela makes simplicity its main selling point. It offers the basics, and little else, which is great for a beginner. There are some minor language issues, since Funnela comes from a Polish developer, but these minor quirks don’t interfere with the app’s usability. Read More about Funnela: Good Small Business CRM for First-Timers

Beginning Mac: Mail


Apple (s aapl) prides itself on creating products that are simple and easy to use. A prime example of this philosophy can be seen in Mail, the default email application included with Mac OS X. Mail is not an all-encompassing “collaboration” tool, and it is not “groupware;” it does email (and a little bit of note-taking and RSS feed-reading), and does it exceedingly well.

Getting Started

The first thing you’ll want to do is set up your account. If you use MobileMe, your account is probably already set up for you. If you use another popular email service like Gmail or Yahoo Premium, Mail can automatically set up your account. If not, you will need to know the name of your incoming mail server (something like, your outgoing mail server (something like, and your username/password combination. After setting up your account, Mail will download all of your email, and spotlight will index it for easy searching. Read More about Beginning Mac: Mail

Beginning Mac: iCal


Calendars have come a long way from the days of a pocket diary, with software able to manage your schedule and information much more reliable and accessible. iCal for OS X is the bundled calendar application, and works surprisingly well. It appears simple on the surface, but packs a wide range of different features and functionality.

This article will walk you through iCal from first opening the app, to having a diary filled with important events, recurring appointments, alarms, attachments, and attendees.
Read More about Beginning Mac: iCal

Google Creates Giant SSN Database

Earlier this month, Google announced a pilot program with the Cleveland Clinic to store patients’ medical records online. Privacy and security concerns were raised, notably that Google doesn’t have to abide by confidentiality rules that govern doctor-patient relationships dictated by HIPAA.
However, Google’s plan to put patients in control of their own records and make those records transferable is a useful one, especially to anyone who has filled out four or five paper forms every year at three or four different doctors. As for the very real privacy concerns, medical records aren’t too secure, anyhow. And think about the synergies created by storing medical records online combined with the genetic data provided by Google-backed 23&Me.

Screencast: Quicksilver for Beginners

If you’ve heard about Quicksilver but have been too timid to familiarize yourself with it, or to peek under the hood a bit, this screencast is for you!

Perhaps too often, we (as in the collective web) focus our attention on the cutting edge features of Quicksilver. Unfortunately that can make for a steep barrier to entry into this amazingly powerful program. So I wanted to take a step back and show a simple trick or two that makes Quicksilver valuable to the new user (either of Quicksilver, or the Apple platform in general).
Quicksilver Rocks!
To those veterans of our favorite launcher, this screencast may not be much for you, and I do apologize for that. I’ll do my best to expose something new and exciting with Quicksilver in the coming week or two. But for those who really don’t know Quicksilver from a hole in the ground, this aims to serve as a useful [visual] primer on getting started with a life-altering application. (I’m serious about the ‘life-altering’ thing.)

Following a simple but useful function of Quicksilver, I’ll cover the Preferences and various sections within that can help enhance your Quicksilver experience. For those who have followed along with my past screencasts, this isn’t another ‘Setup’ – instead this is aimed at explaining the various functions in Preferences, like Rescanning catalogs, finding information about plugins, and things of that nature.

You can grab this screencast in .mov format directly (below), or you can subscribe to our new TAB Screencasts feed here, or via iTunes.

Quicksilver – The Beginner’s Walkthrough (mov)
20 mins / 138 mb

This is a long one (apologies if it gets repetitive, but I wanted to cater to the new-to-Quicksilver crowd). Please feel free to leave questions below in the comments section, and we’ll do our best to answer them promptly.