Ben Huh re-imagines news for the mobile generation

Circa, the stealthy mobile news startup from Cheezburger’s Ben Huh and SimpleGeo’s Matt Galligan, is trying to build a news application that is native to smartphone and tablet users. In a video interview, Huh explains what’s wrong with news today and how it needs to change.

Google’s head of news: Newspapers are the new Yahoo

In an interview about the future of the media industry, Google’s head of news products Richard Gingras said that newspapers are like old-fashioned internet portals such as AOL and Yahoo, and that unless they can adapt to the web instead of fighting it they are doomed.

Ben Huh says journalistic objectivity is a trap

I Can Has Cheezburger CEO Ben Huh’s day job may involve funny pictures of cats and other internet memes, but he also has some serious opinions about the future of journalism, including the idea that journalistic objectivity as we know it has outlived its usefulness.

Google Hangouts has already become a meme

Leonado DiCaprio, Dexter Morgan and your mom are only some of the people who are using Google’s new and much-hyped video chatting feature Hangouts, if we can believe screenshots taken by users of the service. But of course, the question is: Can we?

The Geek Awards: Good Food, But Uninterested in Geekery

Last night, AOL threw a party to celebrate their blogging network, under the guise of handing out so-called Geek Awards. But the event was a Blackberry-sponsored appropriation of the passion that fuels innovation online and off, ultimately doing a great disservice to real “geek” culture.