Facebook builds a database benchmark for a graph-powered world

Facebook has built a new open source tool for benchmarking graph databases, called LinkBench. And although the chances are your infrastructure and workloads look nothing like Facebook’s, the good news is LinkBench was built with configurability in mind.

Why crowdsourced computing benchmarks are the future

Cloud computing and open source software have freed IT practitioners from so much legacy vendor baggage over the past few years. Isn’t it time to free them from inane benchmark boasting, too? A crowdsourced platform where users share their real-world performance experiences could help.

Quad-core phones look speedy, but there’s a catch

Benchmark results of a quad-core Android smartphone appeared on the web, and the handset tests twice as fast as recent smartphones, such as the Galaxy Nexus. But there’s an important aspect to remember here: software is still catching up to hardware, so set your expectations accordingly.

Benchmarks: Galaxy Tab 7.7 vs Transformer Prime

Now that Samsung offers the Galaxy Tab 7.7, my patience to upgrade the old Galaxy Tab has paid off: This small slate with high-def display offers big performance. Here are benchmarks compared to other tablets like the Transformer Prime; both are solid performers in real life.

Benchmarking the iPad 2 Performance Gains

The iPad 2 is a beast under the hood, thanks to the new A5 system-on-a-chip designed in-house by Apple. But what does that mean in terms of the hard numbers of actual performance measurement, and how does it stack up to other iOS devices?

iPad 2 Does Javascript 4X Faster Than The Original

The iPad 2 arrives Friday, and CNET UK provides some interesting benchmarks that show it’s something to get excited about. The site did some Javascript tests with the iPad 2, and found that the new hardware ups the game when it comes to mobile browsing.

MacBook Pro Benchmarks Show Huge Performance Gains

Apple unveiled new MacBook Pros Thursday, and the notebooks came equipped with Intel’s next-generation Sandy Bridge processors. Primate Labs gathered results from its Geekbench hardware performance measurement tool to come with some solid numbers showing the difference between the new MacBooks and their predecessors.