ClearSlide, a collaboration platform, gets $28M in new funds

San Francisco startup ClearSlide will use $28 million in new funding to staff up across the board and open a New York sales office. ClearSlide’s SaaS service is an easy to use way for sales people to send and share pitches. No more Webex!

A growing wind farm in Alaska looks to batteries

While wind power is one of the cheapest forms of clean power, it’s also one of the most fickle, and to combat that problem, utilities are experimenting with energy storage, and in particular batteries.

Piazza gets $6M Series A to help with college homework

Piazza, the social network that lets college students and instructors discuss material online, has closed on $6 million in a new Series A funding round. Piazza’s service is meant to counteract study group snobbery and eliminate students’ fear of asking “dumb” questions.

How a startup is cracking the Indian solar market

“It’s year one for solar in India,” says Alan Rosling, the chairman and executive director of Kiran Energy, a solar developer startup based in Mumbai. Kiran Energy has 75 MW’s worth of solar contracts; that makes it the largest solar-specific player in India.