Amazon stock hits an all time high

Amazon stock is up, up and away yet again — here’s the latest news and a chart that shows the company’s gravity-defying growth.

More iPhone discounts point to new model coming soon

Target and Best Buy are joining Sprint in offering $20 to $50 discounts on iPhones with two-year contracts. Sales on current and older devices is yet another sign pointing to new models being around the corner. Apple is reportedly matching some of these discounts.

A smart home, brought to you by Lowe’s

Telcos, cable companies, startups and Internet giants are all looking to make your home smarter — so why not a big box retailer? On Thursday Lowe’s announced that its smart home service Iris, developed in conjunction with U.K. startup AlertMe, is now available for sale.

Apple starts selling the Nest smart thermostat

In a huge win for startup Nest, which makes a connected learning thermostat, Apple has now started selling the Nest thermostat through its online store. It could end up being the most important move ever for a next-generation digital thermostat.