Best Buy, the end of big box and the future of retail

Best Buy will close 50 stores, while also expanding the number of smaller concept stores where customers can go to try devices and talk to expert staff members. The shift in strategy is one that we’ll see across much of retail in the future.

Selling an iPad? 10 minutes could fetch an extra $100

Best Buy is offering Apple’s tablet for $50 less this week, and iPad and iPad 2 values are dropping in anticipation of the iPad 3 announcement in March. But with a little bit of effort and searching, you could find a deal that puts extra money in your pocket.

Nest to Honeywell: We will vigorously defend ourselves

Nest has finally publicly commented on being slapped with a patent infringement lawsuit. Nest says it will “vigorously defend itself,” against Honeywell’s lawsuit, and says it has “the resources, support and conviction to do so.”

Target confirms Apple mini-store test program

Target will soon offer store-within-a-store-type setups in 25 of its locations, the company revealed during a presentation on Thursday. The move backs up a report from last week that suggested Apple may be extending its partnership with the U.S. retail chain.

Lowe’s kicks off smart energy home push

Following on the heels of Best Buy making a modest bet on home energy gear, big box retailer Lowe’s announced on Thursday that it will start selling smart energy home gadgets from startup AlertMe. The partnership is also U.K.-based AlertMe’s first move into the U.S.

Why Best Buy is experimenting with home energy

Best Buy’s recently launched Home Energy divisions are an experiment, Kris Bowring, Best Buy’s senior director and home energy platform lead, tells me in an interview. Read more about why Best Buy is highlighting this type of technology that can help consumers curb energy consumption.