Tesla shows off battery swap tech [video]

To plug, or swap — one day that could be the question for electric car drivers. Tesla has developed battery swapping technology to offer more options for a bigger range for its cars.

Report: Better Place to file for bankruptcy

If Better Place files for bankruptcy in a few days, as reported by Fortune, it would represent a sober end to a high-flying dream that raised hundreds of millions of dollars.

The art of the spectacular and public crash and burn

The headline-blaring, jaw-dropping tech company crash and burn doesn’t happen all that often. But when it does, you can count on there being some similarities in leadership, transparency, and hype.

Shai Agassi says he still believes in the Better Place model

In the same week that Better Place has exited the U.S. and Australia to focus on Israeli and Denmark, Better Place founder and former CEO Shai Agassi says he still believes in the business model of swappable batteries and subscriptions for electrons.

VantagePoint curbs cleantech fund raising due to lack of interest

One of the most aggressive cleantech investors, VantagePoint Capital Partners, has stopped raising its more recent billion dollar cleantech fund. Why? Lack of interest from limited partners, the investors that put money into VC funds. And that’s been an ongoing trend.