BeyondCore raises $9M to automate data analysis

Analytics startup BeyondCore has raised $9 million for its technology that can analyze complex data sets and automatically highlight the strongest correlations. It’s a promising capability assuming companies are willing to open up analytics across the organization.

A startup asks, ‘What if you didn’t have to analyze data at all?’

Eight years after forming, a startup called BeyondCore is finally launching publicly with a product it claims can revolutionize analytics. Rather than making analysts search for the needle in the haystack, BeyondCore says it remove the human element and deliver that needle on a silver platter.

BeyondCore combines compliance and the cloud

With its new SplitSecure technology, Structure 2011 LaunchPad finalist BeyondCore is trying to prove that companies processing sensitive data don’t have to be afraid of cloud computing. The company has actually been around since 2003, but SplitSecure represents its first foray into the cloud.

Red-hot DotCloud is Structure 2011 LaunchPad winner

Our 12 LaunchPad finalists — Acunu, Beyondcore, BigSwitch, Cloudability, CloudFloor, DotCloud, GenieDB, PHP Fog, Real-Status, vCider and Zerto — reflect the growing maturity in the cloud space