In India, Broadband means a 3G connection

When it comes to broadband, it seems Indians will increasingly use 3G wireless connections to access the Internet. At the end of the first quarter of 2011 there were 11.5 million wired broadband subscribers in India, a pittance versus the explosive growth in 3G connections.

Metered Bandwidth Trend Spreads To India

[qi:004] The metered bandwidth malaise that is spreading across the U.S. — Internet service providers such as Cox, Comcast (s CMCSA), Charter (s CHTR), Time Warner (s TWC) and AT&T (s T) are all dabbling at restricting your monthly bandwidth — is taking root in other parts of the world. In India, two major broadband suppliers – Airtel (click to download a pdf of their terms and conditions) and Tata Indicom — have started imposing restrictions on their already meager broadband offerings. We think metered broadband is a regressive move.

In India, Either Buy iPhones or Get a Family Car

OK, now I know I have your attention! In India, the 3G iPhone goes on sale today and people are lining up to buy a device that is seriously, and I mean seriously, expensive. Bharti Airtel and Vodafone (India) are the two carriers who are selling the device in India.

On the Bharti Airtel network, the device is going to cost between $730 and $830 dollars, depending on the device you buy. Furthermore, the device is locked to Bharti’s special network. So for a family of three (mom, dad and a kid), the 3G iPhones will cost around the same as Tata Nano, the $2,300 people’s car that launched earlier this year.

The high cost isn’t stopping people from wanting the device. About 200,000 phones have been pre-ordered. “I must assure you that we are not making any profits by selling the iPhone 3G. We are only providing network services and the prices have been fixed by Apple,” Sanjay Kapoor, president, mobility, Bharti Airtel told a local blog. More than 30,000 unlocked first generation iPhones are already running on Bharti’s network.

The Google Phone: The Story So Far, Some Launch Details & What’s Next

The Wall Street Journal has been reporting on Google’s mobile phone efforts and how it is beginning to draw some interest from carriers, especially in the United States. Sprint (S) and Verizon (VZ) are in talks with Google (GOOG), according to the Journal, and an announcement by the company is expected sometime in November. Here is what I have been able to gather from my sources:

* An announcement will likely be made Nov. 13th or Nov. 18th.
* Handset makers will use a Google Mobile OS platform.
* Google Mobile OS uses a highly optimized Mobile Linux; developers will be able to use a Java Development Kit. Google is said to have developed a highly optimized Java running on top of the OS. (Read our previous post, Five Facts about Google Phone.)
* Most major handset makers, with the exception of Nokia (NOK), have devices with Google Mobile OS under development; Samsung and Motorola (MOT) are being linked to it as well. (as are HTC and LG Electronics, according to the Journal.)
* The operators who are likely to be part of the big announcement will be T-Mobile’s USA division and Bharti Airtel, one of India’s largest cellular carriers. [digg=]

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