Why you won’t mind recharging your next bifocals

Having got my first pair of progressive bifocals recently, I can’t help but want these smart glasses from PixelOptix. The lenses are embedded with liquid crystals which can create an “electronic reading zone” either automatically, thanks to an integrated accelerometer, or through manual activation.

To Work On the Web, You Have to Be Able to See the Screen

I’ve finally got computer glasses, after years of gradually increasing difficulty focusing at mid-range between distance and close-up vision. My optometrist first suggested bifocals back in ’02, but I resisted. In hindsight, this was not my wisest decision. My reasoning wasn’t vanity; I was getting along reasonably happily with single vision lenses, and didn’t want to complicate my life.


However, difficulty reading my computer screen went critical last spring when I downsized from a 17″ PowerBook (s aapl) to a 13″ unibody MacBook. I love the MacBook’s bright, sharp LED backlit display, but it’s smaller both in resolution and physical dimensions than my old machine. Happily, the computer glasses make reading the new display easier, clearer and more squint- and strain-free than the 17″ display with my old glasses. As expected, I find it tedious to have to switch spectacles when I’m not at the computer or reading, but having just turned 58, I guess making some concession to age is inevitable. Read More about To Work On the Web, You Have to Be Able to See the Screen