The ugly, dog-eat-dog world of data center startups

The normally staid and somewhat boring world of networking equipment focused startups is become a hotly contested minefield — thanks to the newest kid on the blog, Insiemi, a company started by Cisco veterans. Their hiring tactics have got rivals such as Arista Network hopping mad.

Big Switch open-sources Floodlight, an OpenFlow controller

Big Switch Networks, a startup using the OpenFlow protocol to help companies build software-defined networks, has open-sourced its controller software, dubbed Floodlight. With this move, it will attempt to unseat networking giant Cisco by creating an ecosystem of startups building tools for SDNs.

Why the cloud needs new forms of networking

Networking is getting sexy again, thanks to OpenFlow and other approaches to network virtualization. So what has prompted this movement towards smarter and more flexible networks? Blame it on the cloud, and the fact that the old ways of networking simply can’t keep up with it.

Red-hot DotCloud is Structure 2011 LaunchPad winner

Our 12 LaunchPad finalists — Acunu, Beyondcore, BigSwitch, Cloudability, CloudFloor, DotCloud, GenieDB, PHP Fog, Real-Status, vCider and Zerto — reflect the growing maturity in the cloud space