A networking news frenzy ahead of Cisco’s Insieme launch

Ahead of Cisco’s Insieme product launch, networking companies are busy explaining where they stand. Cisco’s launch will validate the threat of SDN while also trying to neutralize the threat that it and white-box networking pose to Cisco’s business.

Juniper wants you to know it gets software defined networking

Juniper, one of the big technology vendors in the crosshairs of the revolution occurring in the networking industry has finally decided to tell its story around the rise of software defined networking and OpenFlow. It’s going to have to walk a fine line.

Brocade’s SDN vision sheds some light on OpenFlow’s evolution

Brocade joined the parade of vendors, large and small, trumpeting their software defined networking strategies. The company laid out a strategy that offers a Brocade-specific fabric as well as an ability to operate an OpenFlow network simultaneously with an existing network.

How will we talk to programmable networks?

The buzz around OpenFlow is increasing with a few case studies out last month, some fundings and a new beta product from a vendor pushing a software-defined network controller. And now there’s a developing programming language for virtualized networks, called Frenetic.

Embrane gets $18M to build cloud networking tools

Embrane, which builds tools that will enable cloud providers to scale out networking services faster and with less complexity, has raised $18 million in second round funding. The networking sector is heating up as virtualization complicates communication between servers and data centers.

OpenFlow: A Technology on the Move

OpenFlow may be one of the hotter buzzwords these days, but getting past the exuberance and down to brass tacks can be difficult because the technology can be applied many places. It also sprouts up in new contexts as the ecosystem around the technology expands.