Unlike the U.S., Europe doesn’t plan to mandate connected cars

The European Commission has announced a set of standards for connected car systems, but privacy enthusiasts will be glad to hear such systems won’t be mandated by law, unlike in the U.S. However, practically speaking, connected cars will become the norm.

Ford is ready for the autonomous car. Are drivers?

The auto industry has already developed all the technology necessary to create truly autonomous vehicles. The reasons there aren’t driverless cars all over the road today is in part a cost issue, but it is mainly one of driver mindset. Ford plans to change that.

If cars could talk to one another, what could (and should) they say?

Ford envisions a future of 4 billion cars that communicate with one another as peers, sharing information such as their speed, direction and the moment they brake with all of the other vehicles on the road. It’s a revolutionary vision, but it’s also a very scary one.

Why Zipcar is tapping the college market

Zipcar’s decision last week to make a strategic investment in peer-to-peer car-sharing startup Wheelz surprised many. But Wheelz is another way for Zipcar to access a young demographic, college students, which it has been courting for some time as a way to build its relationship with not only customers but also automakers.