Can topic-specific news sites work? The Marshall Project hopes so

The Marshall Project is a new site that is focused on reporting about the U.S. criminal-justice system and is being run by former NYT executive editor Bill Keller, and joins other topic-specific journalism efforts like Syria Deeply and Ebola Deeply

The NYT’s Bill Keller on why we should defend WikiLeaks

In response to a GigaOM post about how attacks on WikiLeaks threaten the rights of all media entities, former New York Times executive editor Bill Keller said he agrees the organization should be protected by the First Amendment and media companies should come to its defence.

News Flash: Twitter Doesn’t Make You Smart or Stupid

New York Times executive editor Bill Keller says he is concerned that Twitter is decreasing our attention spans and generally making us stupid — but he misses the crucial point that Twitter and other social media are just tools, and that their benefits outweigh their disadvantages.

NYT Editor Says It’s Only Journalism When He Does It

With just a few paragraphs about the evils of aggregation and the rise of the Huffington Post, in which he talks about aggregators as “pirates,” the executive editor of the New York Times manages to say volumes about how little he understands where media is now.

NYT’s Keller Almost Ready to Admit WikiLeaks Is Journalism

When WikiLeaks first appeared on the scene, New York Times executive editor Bill Keller made it clear that he did not consider leader Julian Assange a journalist, or WikiLeaks a journalistic entity. Based on some recent comments, however, Keller’s view may be changing — slowly.