So Apple did buy more than just Color Labs’ engineers

More details on the sale leak out via a lawsuit filed against Color on Monday. Most attention in the document is going to be rightly focused on the jarring accusations being leveled against CEO and founder Bill Nguyen by the petitioner, Adam Witherspoon, a cofounder of Color

Like Color, time for Airtime to get off the air

In today’s attention starved world, if you miss the chance to make an impression, people move onto something new. Doesn’t matter who you were and how much money you have in the bank – users decide who wins or loses. Airtime & Color are finding it out.

Verizon offers Color a second chance with video partnership

Verizon Wireless is partnering with Color to highlight the power of its 4G network. The carrier will offer its customers the chance to use an enhanced version of Color, which will enable live video streaming with audio and double the existing frame rate.

Today in Social

Count me among the skeptics who marvel how a photo-sharing startup could raise $41 million without customers or a business model. But I’m intrigued. Matthew Ingram wonders if the bet is on the team behind Color, rather than the product, the early reviews of which are pretty negative. (This is the best write-up of how Color works.) Color could potentially revolutionize augmented reality and flexible, context-driven social networks, argues John Battelle. A presentation at yesterday’s Structure: Big Data conference has convinced me that time and location data can produce hugely valuable information, even as IBM distinguished engineer Jeff Jonas used the term “surveillance society.” I’ll also observe that Color CEO Bill Nguyen shepherded LaLa through about three different identities and business models before anyone called that “pivoting.”