BillGuard brings financial protection to Lemon mobile wallet

BillGuard, a crowd-sourced financial protection service that flags suspicious activity for consumers, is taking its services to mobile wallet app Lemon, which has 2.5 million users on iOS and Android. Now, Lemon users can check their balance on stored cards, see recent transactions and suspicious activity.

BillGuard pulls in $10M to expand its bill anti-virus service

BillGuard, a personal finance service that uses Big Data analysis and crowd sourcing to identify bogus charges, has been racking up accolades since it launched in May. And now it’s pulling in big money: $10 million from Khosla Ventures, Founders Fund and Innovation Endeavors.

Why Index believes Israel is about to have its moment

Index Ventures partner Saul Klein is a champion of Europe’s tech scene, from London to Ljublana. Now he’s in to bat for Israel — a country he says is ready to set aside its history of security, pornography and gambling to become the next great innovation hub.

Can Crowdsourcing Prevent Credit Card Fraud?

New start-up BillGuard is looking to build a crowd-sourced anti-virus billing protection system that digests a consumer’s transactional history and pulls in alerts from banks, existing members and the web. The system uses big data analysis and machine learning to help users spot fraud and errors.