Is your carrier overbilling you for mobile data?

A new research study shows that carriers may be charging for mobile data that you don’t actually consume. A test of two U.S. mobile networks found that carriers count every byte they ship you even if your phone is incapable of receiving that data.

Bye bye, WAC: So much for carriers standardizing apps

What happens when you get four-dozen carriers in a single room? Apparently nothing. The organization tasked with creating common carrier APIs, the Wholesale Application Community, revealed on Tuesday it is dissolving, selling off its technology to Apigee and folding its development efforts into the GSM Association.

Today in Cloud

Cloudability was definitely one of the more interesting startups to pitch at GigaOM Structure back in June, and today the company transitioned its product from private to public beta. Cloudability tracks spending on over 80 cloud services from Amazon Web Services to Salesforce, with a mix of screen-scraping and API calls, and presents the result in easily digestible form. Alerts flag unexpected spikes in usage (those big — expensive — EC2 instances you started on Friday afternoon, and forgot to shut down again), and the service will also begin to offer advice on ways to reduce costs. Cloudability could be of great value to startups and small companies using a spread of cloud-based services, but the team also report at least one Fortune 500 company as “one of our more active users.”

Zuora Raises $20M to Grow Its ‘Subscription Economy’

Subscription-billing startup Zuora has closed a $20 million round, bringing its total to $41.5 million. The new money, combined with Vindicia’s $20 million last week, suggests that we’ve just seen the tip of the on-demand billing iceberg as organizations attempt to monetize their various web services.

MiniBooks: Putting FreshBooks On the iPhone and iPod Touch

Freshbooks logoFreshBooks users with iPhones or iPod Touches (s aapl) can now manage their FreshBooks account while on the go with MiniBooks, an app from Groovy Squared. The app synchronizes with your FreshBook account, so you can access your data even if you lose your network connection.

MiniBooks comes with the following features:

  • Clients: Search for clients and contact them with the iPhone’s phone and email applications.
  • Invoices: Create, edit, search, view and email invoices from within the app. You can also view the status of the invoice and record payments.
  • Timers: Start and stop timers that can track multiple activities on one screen. Active timers will keep running even if you close MiniBooks.
  • Estimates: Create, edit and email estimates that you can turn into invoices. Read More about MiniBooks: Putting FreshBooks On the iPhone and iPod Touch

Bento 3: Database Management for Mac, Made Better

bento_iconFilemaker’s Bento software for the Mac (s aapl) is meant to be a database management program for users who aren’t much interested in keeping databases. At least, as someone who shudders at the very term, that’s how I see it. The program receives its third major iterative upgrade today, and there’s a lot for web workers to get excited about with this latest version.

I haven’t used Bento since it was first released, so a lot is new to me. For the purposes of this review, I won’t be detailing what’s changed so much as what strikes me as most useful about the program from a web working angle, since I imagine many of you will be new to the software as well. Read More about Bento 3: Database Management for Mac, Made Better

Ronin: The Wandering Warrior of Invoicing Web Apps?

roninMaybe it’s just because I was an English major, but the names people give to their web apps never cease to rouse my sense of curiosity. Hence my attraction to Ronin, which had me more eager to try out a new invoicing app than I ever have been in recent memory. It doesn’t hurt that it also happens to be monthly invoicing time, which I have come to dread like no other. Hopefully Ronin can help alleviate my terror.
At first glance, using the press demo supplied, it appears to be a very nicely put together web app. The UI is clean and pleasant, with a typical shades-of-gray-with-soft-edges Web 2.0 color scheme, and a blog-style navigation tree under the header. If I have to be making up invoices, at least I don’t have to be doing it via an ugly interface. Read More about Ronin: The Wandering Warrior of Invoicing Web Apps?