A Video Handbook for Thanksgiving Day

Today we’re all probably doing a lot of timeless things. Feasting with family goes back to the Pilgrims. Great Aunt Mindy’s cranberry sauce recipe hasn’t changed in generations, nor should it. Even watching football games feels like a prehistoric ritual at this point.
But that doesn’t mean new traditions, like gathering around the laptop to watch silly cat videos, are any less capable of sappy meaningfulness. Still, it can be a bit hard to translate what this whole YouTube thing is to your Luddite relatives, much less the ability to watch TV on your computer or see original online entertainment that’s actually good. So when you’re on the spot, with your wits a bit less quick from the tryptophan, and need the perfect video for any number of situations, we’ve got you covered.
Our picks of online video to queue up if you’re:
Showing your grandma YouTube:
Dancing dog. Best trick in the book.

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Question of the Day: Bebo & Profit Sharing

Question of the Day: Do social networks exploit their user-content generators?

I don’t know if you saw Billy Bragg’s Op-Ed yesterday, The Royalty Scam, but it’s worth reading as a criticism of social media business models that leverage the intellectual and artistic capital of users to build a traffic base that can be monetized — and then don’t share the wealth. Read More about Question of the Day: Bebo & Profit Sharing