Bing: How Useful Is Microsoft’s New Search Offering?

Picture 14Windows Live Search (s msft) didn’t go over too well with the online masses. Few, if any, moved from search industry leader (that’s an understatement) Google (s goog). I remember the worst part about doing a fresh Windows install was changing IE’s defaults from Microsoft’s Live services, and replacing Live Search with Google as the default search engine was first priority. So how does new search offering Bing stack up, especially from a web working point of view? You may have already formed your own opinion, but here’s my take.

Basic Search

Before looking at some of its more advanced features, let’s compare it in terms of a straight-up, simple keyword search on a subject close to my heart. Finding information on Apple (s aapl) is a part of my job, and I run Apple-related searches on an hourly basis, if not even more frequently, over the course of the day. Read More about Bing: How Useful Is Microsoft’s New Search Offering?

Vid-Biz: SAG, SafeTube, Kindle

SAG Contract Fight Heads to YouTube; Tom Hanks and other celebs urge actors to vote yes on the contract offered by the AMPTP. (The Wrap)

YouTube Looks to Create SafeTube; standalone site would be family-friendly version of the video site. (Guardian)

Showtime Uses the Kindle to Market New Show; pay network offering a free, downloadable version of the pilot script for Nurse Jackie. (Ad Age)

Russian Authorities Bust BitTorrent Tracker; the country had been considered a safe haven for such sites; this is believed to be the first such raid against a BitTorrent tracker (though the site still operates out of the Netherlands). (TorrentFreak)

Bing Thumbnails Let You Watch Entire Video with Sound; wonders if Microsoft’s new search site pushes fair use too far. (

Asia-Pacific Region to Lead Telco TV Subscription Charge; ABI Research predicts that APAC will deliver 37 percent compound annual growth rate over the next three years. (release) Streams E3; gaming conference goes live on and this week. (stream)

Can an $80M Ad Campaign Help Microsoft Search?

[qi:115] Microsoft (s MSFT) is going to spend $80 million on an advertising campaign to support its new search effort, rumored to be called Bing, as the company once again takes on deeply entrenched rivals Google (s GOOG) and Yahoo (s YHOO). AdAge magazine reports that the campaign could eventually hit $100 million. There was some talk that Microsoft would rename its search effort Kumo.

Microsoft has tried many tricks, including giving people cash-back rewards, to grab a bigger market share in the search business. The results don’t match the efforts. Microsoft’s search query share keeps declining. In order to jump-start its search business, the Redmond, Wash.-based software giant attempted to buy Yahoo, but was rebuffed. It later bought a search startup, called Powerset, and is betting that it can build a whole different experience that will allow it to win market share. Read More about Can an $80M Ad Campaign Help Microsoft Search?