Did Apple just kill the password?

The iPhone 5s is the first prominent phone with a fingerprint sensor, and is expected to change the way security is managed on mobile devices. Since passwords are a pain without keyboards, what’s best for a mobile world?

Nuance’s Dragon ID lets you unlock your phone by voice

In the last few months, Nuance Communications has launched Dragon TV, Dragon Drive and even an Android version of Dragon Go. Now we have a new Dragon to contend with: Dragon ID, a voice identification application that allows you to unlock your phone with your larynx.

Take a look at IBM’s 5 innovations for the next 5 years

Every year, IBM comes up with a list of five innovations it believes will become popular within the next five years. For 2011, it has come up with the following technologies it thinks will gain traction. I also look back at some of its previous predictions.

Xbox Ads Make Your Heart Go Boom Boom Boom

Advertisers from Microsoft (s MSFT) and Mediabrands recently decided to go all out to measure the effectiveness of Xbox Live advertising: They wired up 300 test subjects with a special headset that can read biometric signals like your heart rate, eye motion, body temperature and breathing patterns. Half of the test audience was then presented with advertising on the Xbox Live platform, while the other half got to see traditional TV ads. Turns out, people show much more active and lasting responses to interactive advertising than to your 60-second oldteevee clip.

These results may not be that surprising, but the set-up of the study is fascinating — and a little frightening at the same time. Will the future of video advertising be based on labs with subjects wired to all kinds of sensors? Or will advertisers even one day be able to gather this type of data in the field, with biometric sensors becoming more and more a part of the video game experience?

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