Batten down the analysts, it’s a big data-BI storm

Hadoop is getting closer to business intelligence thanks to a slew of new products ranging from a SQL database built atop Hadoop to an appliance packaging the two alongside a full complement of servers. On Wednesday, Birst, Teradata and Splice Machine got into the act.

How Birst thinks it can make data warehouses useful again

Analytics startup Birst thinks it can make data warehouses more useful by letting business users inside of them. Its new Distributed Business Analytics product puts departmental sandboxes right inside the warehouse, letting users interact with all the data they need from a central location.

Birst raises $26M for BI that straddles SaaS and servers

Birst, a San Francisco-based business intelligence company with its roots in the cloud, has raised $26 million from Sequoia Capital, Hummer Winblad and DAG Ventures. The new money comes as Birst tries to become a BI heavyweight by pushing its way into the software world, too.

Birst, ParAccel team to put a pretty face on big data

In a meeting of analytics minds, Birst and ParAccel are putting Birst’s graphical reporting gloss atop ParAccel’s analytics database.
Deals like this are the latest proof that big data is important but the ability to put that data into a useable format is also key.

What SaaS can teach us about good software design

It may not be man-bites-dog but it is still surprising to hear about a software as a service vendor moving towards on-premises deployment. And yet that is just what Birst is doing, first with its business intelligence service and now with its home-grown in-memory database.

Birst tries to prove SaaS doesn’t need the cloud

Birst is taking the cloud out of its SaaS BI offering with a new deployment option that lets customers run the product in their own data centers. The company says its virtual appliance delivers all the benefits of traditional cloud-hosted SaaS without, well, the cloud part.